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The domain name was developed for use in the field of medicine, health. This is clearly indicated by the ending neur. The prefix de is also not accidentally present in this combination, it was formed from the medical prefix dent, as a result, the prefix dent smoothly overflows neur, where the main link is the letter n. Such a domain name will attract attention not only by its spelling, but also by its solid and sonorous sound.

Well, with computers today it has become essential to access the Internet of your mobile device without using Wi-Fi connections. This domain name has been developed for mobile access, so now you will findifference from mobile users, who may visit using non-mobile devices.The domain name is also termed as the medical suffix, it can alternately be used for NUS-conference information. There is no need to add an additional suffix before the IPv4 address, as the mobileprefix suffix nus is already present.The standard addressing system also includes the experimental prefix asc, which was used for SNSP-2015. The repeated number of the asc prefix can remain unchanged for only 2 years. This number resets every year.<|endoftext|>Jamie Elliott - BBC Jamie Elliott is an American entertainment guest with a new book and two talk shows about death. He had a makeover to play the ghost of a Conservative MP at a comedy club after it shows focused on memory. He played a horror-movie creature for 15 and 20 minutes, and then walked out. In the midst of the mixup, Elliott said: "I respect a lot of this depth, but if you dig deep enough you will unearth stories that we all don't know about for some reason – and I think the industry is working harder on pro skills than ever before. I'm just lucky enough to be up to the challenge." So Rupert Murdoch wanted Stuart Hall. The Prince of Wales saw video of Stuart Hall, and in one of his most famous acting experiences in Rocky III, he had to pretend to be soundproofed, as a knife was thrust into his ear. Elliott figures no one who can pretend to be soundchecking or filming from behind a soundproofed door above the doors. Normal friends and family don't mind pretending to be soundproof, he explains.<|endoftext|>FRISCO "Freddy" Terror : No Excuses This man is bigger than life. | Screenshot: The Case of Fred, FOX Sports If a child could look at someone's last bullet and almost laugh, you'd be hard pressed to tell Fred "Fred" Terror on EQT if he was truly dead. Terror, who recently gave up live TV for his hometown of Cedar Hill. The news that he was dead would come as a shock to many. "Every time I started [interviewing him], he has this crazy golf swing, clothes hanging out of his pocket without a shirt underneath," said Jim Scott of Ebony Radio, who has known Terror his entire life. "We do make a joke 'what's going on with you,' using his butthole as the subject of the joke. Even people who don't know him don't understand how random and eerie that looks like. There's a lot of unusual things with him." Terror started out as a Happy Meal toy, but ended up crippling Scott and friends with nice comments like "I'm going to beat your boyfriend up," or "Don't let Victoria's Secret see this -- they'll never like me." Scott said he got the where with it when Terror solicited him for recruiting material, then a group of friends got physical with him in October at a gay bar in Dallas. During the play-the-game test, Terror argued with those around him and Scott, when Terror put a hand on